O44 FAQs


What is O44?
-At O44 Method we strongly believe that exercise is only one part of Wellbeing and that Whole Health encompasses: Body (Food + Exercise), Mind + Spirit, Family + Relationships and Work. O44 serves to Empower YOU with Tools, Facts and Community to better enhance your lifelong journey! 


What are the O44 Methods?
-The O44 METHODS are comprised of two different formats that are extremely effective and efficient Whole Health Workouts. The program combines the best facets of Barre, Strength Conditioning and Cardio Centric movements (high & low impact) while concluding with Stretch + Mindfulness, allowing you to achieve optimal results for both body and mind in every 44ish-minute session.


What can I expect from an O44 session?
 -O44 fuses the best facets of Barre, Pilates, Athletic Conditioning, Plyometrics and old-school Step Aerobics. It blends both large range dynamic movements and small isometric callanetics while integrating heavier resistance utilizing the proprietary O44 BOX . Cardio circuits break up the strength segments and can be done either Low or High-Impact, often on the O44 BOX. Every class ends with a Mindfulness/Breathing/Meditation - to help recenter, reconnect and realign with not only yourself but your community.  


What is the O44 Box? 
-The O44 BOX when sitting horizontally, allows for Plyometrics, Cardio and General Conditioning. When flipped, the O44 BOX stands vertically and is free-standing, allowing for endless strength exercises. The In-Studio Resistance Wall is now around the outside of the O44 BOX creating a simple way to integrate resistance into every movement. 


Do I need the O44 Box/ any other equipment?
- Many of the O44 workouts are created with use of the box in mind. That being said, these workouts are do-able without the box. However, the box helps to add many elements to your workout, including both cardio and resistance. The majority of the workouts use hand weights, ankle weights, resistance bands, a mat and a pilates ball.
-Go to "THE TOOLS" drop down at the top of this site to see a list of my preferred brands. 
**Please be note that all workouts are still achievable without any equipment!


What do I need to take a session?
-Your O44 Box, a pair of sneakers, a mat, and most importantly- a willing attitude accompanied by a ready and able body and mind! 


Where can I watch the workouts?
-You will sign into "Your O44 Workout Portal" under the "YOU" section of the website. Here, you will have access to your profile which holds an entire library of every O44 workout recorded. Workouts are accessible on computers, tablets and/or smart phones!


Do you offer a monthly membership?
-Yes! I do offer a monthly membership which has been coined as "Your Commitment." Each membership will come with Cardio and Tone classes that can be done at your own time and convenience. BUT IT GETS BETTER!! I am your personal coach! We can create a plan that best suits your needs and meets you where you are! The accountability has never felt so real in the midst of being virtual! I will be with you every step of the way, along with podcasts, recipes, and all things health and wellness from Carrie's incredible O44 Council to keep your wellbeing radar intune with the most current information.


What if I need to cancel?
- We would be sad to see you go but we totally understand! You are free to cancel at any time! This is non-contractual. 


What if I need modifications/ pregnant?
- Think of this process as being tailored to your needs. At the time of your commitment, you will be asked a few questions about yourself. Questions of any injuries/anything about your body that should be thought of prior to working out. I will be in touch and will give you variations to ensure you are getting the most out of this journey! If you are expecting, a simple email to let me know is enough! I will reach out and we will discuss what variations you should be taking for that specific time in your pregnancy! Of course, feel free to email me with any questions regarding this.