Clean Living is all encompassing. This concept marries the physical aspect of movement - "Full Body" to the mental and everyday practices/choices - "Full Mind". Allow this to be your foundation, where you grow to understand and awaken the notion that we grow from the willingness to learn. We work so hard to keep our bodies healthy, but that is only half the equation. It is up to us to be both proactive and preventative when it comes to our health.

Through practice and mindful movements we are able to protect longevity and our overall quality of life. As most would attest to, a healthy body is more than just the physical being. Rather than to judge or influence, my purpose is to advocate and help educate for cleaner living by providing resources for YOU  to enlighten yourself however you may see fit.

My wish is for you to use these tools and take the first step towards a healthier, more wholesome lifestyle. We are the product for what we sow, it starts within, it starts with you. This entire movement is not meant to restrict but rather to redirect and realign. This is your safe place. So take a moment. Open your eyes. Explore. Digest, and intentionally step forth into anew.