Encompassing deep mind + body connection, our O44 METHODS provide both extremely effective and efficient Whole Body Workouts. The technique intertwines two different formats - O44 METHOD and O44 BARRE! Both formats are thoughtfully and intentionally designed to blend 44ish-minutes of the best functional movement with enlightening mindfulness at the end of every session to:

Build a Strong Fundamental Foundation for both Mind + Body 
Strengthen, Tone, Define + Stave off Weight Gain
Optimize Heart Health and Fight Chronic Illness 
Guiding you towards a Lifestyle of Longevity and Connection 

O44 METHOD merges a multitude of disciplines to awaken both mind and body to the importance of movement with extensive work on the O44 BOX. Facets of Barre and Pilates debut themselves heavily in the O44 METHOD with frequent resistance training and isometric movements, that ensure to leave you feeling toned  and defined. Another key player in the O44 METHOD is the intermix of Athletic Conditioning that will have your body carving in all planes of motion (often on the O44 BOX) to strategically elevate your heart rate with the best aspects of plyometrics, all with the safety and longevity of your joints at the forefront :) Don't forget your sneakers!!

O44 BARRE brings the best functional movements derived from traditional barre with a refreshing and energizing twist. Keeping true to the fundamental key of mind + body awareness, O44 BARRE is in a constant state of flux between isometric movements utilizing the O44 BOX as a free standing support, and low impact- full body movements which will incorporate both weight and resistance training. 

Both METHODS conclude each session with Stretch + a Mindfulness practice, allowing you to achieve optimal results for both body and mind in every session. It's with the hope that each session, you continue to grow, to see the endless possibilities that YOU are able to create and achieve and most importantly find the unconditional grace and love for yourself.